Expressions of the Diva within

Athma Laya's Dance Hour Nite is back this year after its stupendous success over the last five years. Entry is free for this flagship event which celebrates Athma Laya’s 21st anniversary and will culminate into a rapturous evening of dance, music and celebration.

Dance Hour Nite is Athma Laya’s program wherein its women students across all branches show case their dancing talent to the outside world. These women are the ones who boldly choose to give expression to their unfulfilled desire of wanting to dance. They are the ones who told themselves its 'never too late to start dancing'. They are the ones who relive their childhood joy and happiness once again. They are ones who learnt to dance with finesse and passion. This time around 160 women from Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, between the ages 25 and 80 are participating in the program.

This is a very unique program wherein a 1000 member audience which includes the participants' families and friends cheer and celebrate their loved one’s performance. The atmosphere will be euphoric! The ambience will be electric! The energy will be palpable! Come and join us in our celebration of womanhood and cheer our enthusiastic, nimble and graceful danseuses.

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